Sunday, August 14, 2016

The story of a suicide – review on different suicide stories

I have gone through various suicide stories from “The Story of a suicide” written by author Sriram Ayer and felt different feeling in a different stories despite the topic of ‘suicide’ is just one.

Review of The story of a suicide:
Author has carved it well in a different format which one or any other stories of the suicide may liked by anyone since some of them are touching one. At the same time, people in generally would think that “what a stupid action is ‘suicide’”? He also describing that suicide is doing by some immature mind on some forces for some reason on hasty which they can’t easily face it whereas other faces it, overcomes out of it and lives generally.

I would like to mention over here is, I am stolen and the part of the book I relate to the most as below;

Anyhow, read this article to know four different people who likes to commit suicide for a different reason and met on the suicide point before jumping it off. They become friends and tried to know about each other before committing suicide.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review of Story of a suicide - simple ways to commit Suicide

Would you like to commit suicide? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information on-time. Yes, learn how to commit suicide? Find tips for suicide etc.

Perhaps everyone at any point of their lifetime would have thought to commit suicide due to various personal or other than personal reason. At the same time, God must have given them so strength to overcome from it by various changes on thoughts or situation in a different manner. So, they would have changed the phase, and, again they would have thought to commit the same mistake for a different reason and stopped or done in a different time. You may also read review of Story of a suicide Novel to get more detail.

Before committing suicide for any reason or lose, just think for a while and decide on the below;

Is your soul and body attached by you while born?

Is death like a sleep where we can awake again?

Will we return to the same earth after committing suicide?

Friday, July 29, 2016

Forest Jump 2 - Adventure trip in Bandipur at Tiger Ranch Resort

I missed out to blog continuously on my earlier Forest jump stories series despite still getting good traffic to them. Thanks to visitors and readers. Anyhow, I got an opportunity to for a short trip or tiny vacation to travel this year even though we (me, my friends and colleagues) were / are busy with work schedule compare to last year work schedule and holidays that we enjoyed more than two weeks during summer or post summer. One of my dream places to visiting is Bandipur and Mudumala forest. This was discussed with my friends who already been there.

So, I would like to share the latest one (short holiday and trip to Bandipur and Mudumalai) and will continue to write the old Forest Jump story series later. Yes, you can enjoy our adventure and thrilling trip in Bandipur, Masinagudi, Mudumalai, Karnataka, India on 22nd to 24th July 2016.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jannath bhi hai aur Dozaq bhi hai

Subah hoti hai shaam hoti hai….Zindgi yuhi thamaam hoti hai...

Lazzath ke shauq se Gunah naa kar…lazzath jaathe rahegi... gunah baaqi rahegi

Takleef ke darr se neki (good deeds) naa chhod…Takleef jaathe rahegi aur neki baaqi rahega

Jannath bhi hai aur Dozaq bhi hai…maano tho karke dekh…agar naa maane tho marrke dekh...

Subah hoti hai shaam hoti hai….Zindgi yuhi thamaam hoti hai.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Different status from unknown to known

After a long time, I got an opportunity to blog / write, especially on Sunday. I will pen down sorry type down for one of the stories among many in my mind. So, here you go for one of them right now.

Long ago, a boy was doing timber business and unable to control the workflow, he added the workers but still not enough for its operation despite business and revenue were increasing. He found an old man who was a stranger in his area, used to often approach this young man and asking for a labor job for daily bread and shelter. This young gentleman didn’t agree him immediately, and after few days this young man accepted him to join in his business for routine labor work.

This gentleman was somewhat angry person since he was a young blood too. Sometime it is unavoidable that he used to shout this old man for doing some silly mistakes in his routine work. Sometime he used to ignore and control this old man’s mistake and sometime not. Never mind about human being. The days were going on like this and the young man used to pay him daily wages for his labor work.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Latest wedding dresses from CocoMelody for bride or girls

Are you looking for latest wedding dresses for girls or bridals through online source? If yes, here you go for bridal's marriage dresses from online shopping source detail and personal experience on it.

There was a function in my relatives, had to be there and I was there as per their invites. My nephew shown me engagement dress of bride (my niece or his sister) and the bridal wear was so attractive. I just asked the detail of purchasing it due to a different and unique style of the clothes. 

Like, where did he shopped and how did he knows it and all. He simply said that the wedding dress was purchased from online shopping source. I further asked him about its detail and told me that he bought it from CocoMelody website.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Who is blogger?

You may have question in your mind, like, what is blog? Who is blogger? How to blog? How to become a blogger? What are the advantages of becoming blogger? And all sort of such question if you are just new to online or this word. Here you go for its answer in detail.

Blogger is generally a writer who shares knowledge on their personal or sharing blog. There are different types of bloggers exists. Few of them are professional bloggers and some of them are part-time bloggers. Few bloggers just write and share their personal info with others (when they get the time to do so) and few bloggers blog for a particular niche (it might be social one or commercial one). Some bloggers are there who entirely covers wide ranges of topic / niche at different level of blogs for commercial purpose.

Blogger is nothing but a writer who supposed to analyze both the sides of the particular subject matter first before he / she draft and publish on his / her blog to share with others. This is the only thing can benefit all including visitors. If the blogger doesn’t do it or follow either side’s information then his / her reputation will be in loss and blog too.

Youngistan Performance

After a month of medical leave post minor accident, Babu went to his office where everybody warmly greets and wished him for a speedy recovery. He was called by DGM at his office and Babu went to meet him before starting his duty for the day.

The DGM asked him what about and where about etc. to Babu on recent incident since DGM just came from a foreign business trip of a month and unable to reach Babu’s home or hospital on-time to know further detail. He told him so and so incident and came out from his office to perform his duty. Almost many colleagues came to ask about him when he was in the hospital / home. There were only few colleagues who were unable to reach either hospital or office due to various official trip reasons etc.

Whatsoever, during the medical leave, no one disturbed Babu and he was working from home for the last two weeks and so (as first two weeks were just relaxing without any work due to health issue), he has to do work for some important reason which he only can do it even though in such a situation. At the same time, he was unable to talk with anybody except email communication or max SMS, at that time. Whatever he did from home that brought many different level of success which makes surprises to many.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How I got 1000 page impression daily for my blog

Many bloggers are concerning about blog traffic and it is a natural one too. There are different types of concern on blog traffic as below;

New blogger's concern:

New bloggers just created blog and would like to get reasonable or huge traffic though less content.

New bloggers are just published reasonable and trending posts and hardly getting organic traffic.

New blogger’s regularly publishing the posts but no traffic or no increasing number of traffic to earn online.

New blogger’s are carelessly promoting their posts in various social networking sites which finally the search engine considering those average or mass traffic as junk one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to migrate blog from blogger to wordpress

The question of what is blog, who is blogger and how to become a blogger is a standard one for many newbie’s until and unless they jump on this blogging field. A blog is nothing but a (free / paid) platform where a writer / blogger can use it to write as per their own choice. A blogger is nothing but a writer or scribe who can use blogging platform effectively. The next answer with detail of how to become a blogger will come till you finish reading the article.

Yes, initially the newbie asks these questions to know some detail about it and later they create free blogs to share their personal topic as they desired. Once they get interested on this blogging (part time or full time work), they learn many new things on the way and move slowly for the desired subject beside personal one. Yes, while becoming as a blogger, they also come to know about how to increase blog’s traffic, what the popular blogging platforms are, how to earn money online from blogging and how to participate in blogging contest and on.

In general, the newbie either uses Blogspot (Blogger from Google) platform or Wordpress platform to create free account and blogging since they are initially blank with the ideas and it is very early to invest on this for. They would come to know other free blogging platform as well, sooner or later. However, these two are the top platforms and friendly guideline given.