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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Telling the truth is the right thing to do unless…

One of the toughest task nowadays is telling the truth ever or whenever deemed necessary to say truth, or in the circumstances where one has to lie to escape from unknown incident.

I have faced various situation as such but for me it is quite different and I can say that ‘telling the truth always’, or ‘telling the lie is rare’ unless it is justified in both the sides.

Before telling the truth, I would like to state a small story from a movie clip on the bitter truth while critical situation taken place (such situation normally do happens in one of our lives, the situation happened in our life shows by either TV serial or movie, or the reality show broadcasting by TV or movie normally do happens in our lives).  However, we will go through one of them as below.

A person has to pay (borrowed) money to his older friend who gave him cash as help for few days. The one who gave money got lot of tense from borrowed one due to promised broken and he asked his friend to return it as soon as possible, the way it was going is like he is not able to return the cash soon despite he is having enough money but let him follow for few more days where he got more tensed. 

One fine day, both of them met near the bus stand at midnight, he refused to return the money again despite he is having it, however, he was arguing to pay it immediately but looks like older friend is not able to get back his cash at this point. A group of thieves came on the spot and shown knives and other dangerous weapons to them to withdraw the valuables and cash to free them out. When the situation understands the borrowed person, he then paid immediately to older friend on the spot where he refused it at this critical situation. 

Now, the group of thieves got those cash beside other valuable belongings too from both, oh God. The one who borrowed cash from older friend agreed and told the truth in a wrong moment which causes both of them to lose all cash and belonging at the same time.

Sometime, when we need to lie in a critical situation to either save one's prestige matter or innocent act. And, sometime we need to tell the truth even though any seriousness or critical situation to save one's life than prestige or valuables. This is the truth or bitter truth which can always win the situation of life.

However, the Truth plays vital role, one is, we don’t need to remember the Truth for a long time as what we had told to a person in case, the other one is, lies can be caught at any moment and we have to remember it and not to forgot it for a long time to match the situation as what we actually lied with others.

This article is written for the contest of Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein from Kinley in association with IndiBlogger Happy Hour contest.


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