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Sunday, February 15, 2015

All religions with the same principle

A man was running very fast on the remote area where a lion was about to attack him, he ran such a fast with the difficulties that the lion was unable to catch him earlier than expected. On the way, he suddenly felt down and trapped in the unknown old well where luckily he was hanging on the root of the tree. The lion came near the surface of the well and looking at him to catch as and when situation comes for prey, he was time being happy that he almost escaped from the lion and found that a Honey comb near to him which has few bees roaming here and there. 

This man started feeling thirsty, he tasted the honey nearby him and later he observed that there was a giant snake moving at the bottom of the well which is little far from him. Oh God, he was unable to digest the situation but enjoying little bit honey meanwhile to overcome from thirst and hungry. No way to come out from the old horrible well since it has no stairs nor one can help him at the moment than hanging comfortably.

He realized soon after that there were two rats in different colors, one was a white color and the other one was a black color, both of them were biting and breaking the root of the trees where he was hanging. Oh God, unable to beat them as they were a bit long distance and had to self lost in this situation than no idea or action to do so. The overall circumstances in his life was totally erupted and puzzled. 

This story is nothing but it is related to all human being that teaches us by every religions to know the fact to come to the real world sooner or later, when real eyes open for it. Yes, go through the below detail to know more about it.

Lion: Death
Man: All human being
Old well: Earth
Tree root: Life
Honey comb and Honey : World's wishes / tastes
Giant Snake: Graveyard / Destination
Two rats: Black (Night) and White (Day)

Note: No one can escape from such a situation.


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