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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Different views, Different thoughts and Different results

There are generally four types of human views which I am going to explain you continuously in detail later. However, one of them is going to explain you over here. Read it.

Two Orthopedic Trainee / Students were standing at the college ground and talking each other with different syllabus and cases. A person was walking with difficulties like a kind of knee issue or leg injured he got. These two observed him and discussed each other by saying first one as, this man got knee issue most probably. The other one explained that the way he is walking looks like he must have got ankle or feet issue than knee or joint.

Both argued each other till they get seriousness. Later they become calm and decided to ask that person itself who was crossing them. So, they called him up and he approached these two Orthos.

The first Ortho asked him, isn't it that you have knee or joint issue? He replied, No.

The second Ortho asked him, isn't that you have ankle or feet issue? He replied again, No.

Both of them asked him, why are you walking with difficulties then?

He replied, bro, I have no issue on my leg but one of my Sandal / Slipper is damaged and broken and hard to walk with it.

They saw the reality but thoughts were wrong.


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