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Sunday, March 22, 2015

She gave me a free Singapore Chicken drumstick with happiness

I was in Singapore during April 2001, 14 years ago and I was very young at that time. I was alone to travel some Far East and Middle East countries on short vacation. It was my first visit to Singapore en route Brunei (neighbor country) for two days visit over there. Yes, I can recall those pleasant four days stay and some of the occurrences in Singapore. I visited many places in Singapore and unable to recall those visiting places name except Orchard Road, City Center, Mustapha shopping, Little India, Sentosa, Airport and so on. I was actually visited to Singapore when I was working in Gulf countries at that time. However, Singapore Airport and outside live atmosphere let me breathtaking though I have seen them in few movies and TV shows. I can still remember Changi International Airport experience, emigration clearance, exiting the airport and cab assistance toward the address etc.

Beside reaching and cooling down at my friend’s home in Singapore, the whole day let me relax, watch sports event of school children at nearby stadium and chat with friends and their relatives. There were / are five hours differences in timing for each other’s (Singapore vs Saudi Arabia) places geographically. I mean, Singapore’s evening 5 o’clock would be Saudi Arabia’s 12pm noon. So, I got little trouble on sleeping hours in Singapore as I had to miss my sleeping time back to Saudi timings with five hours differences, whereas India is 2.5 hours behind to Singapore timing. I was unable to get sleep during night time due to timing differences naturally though I got enough and comfortable accommodation in Singapore as everybody gets it over there. I was able to sleep early in the morning around 5am or 6am till 10am or 11am and then fresh, refresh and move to see the best places in Singapore.

There were / are no shortages of Indians, Indian Restaurant or Indian foods in Singapore and you may find all South or North Indian dishes on menu and at your table. However, I tried both. I mean, I tried Indian food as well as Singapore food to experiment International or Continental or Chinese dishes. Everywhere in the restaurant’s board mentioned ‘Halal’ chicken, so, no need to worry whoever goes for Non-Veg dishes. Another surprise is that, many other countries' (Far East) people used to visit and have Indian food at Indian Restaurants in Singapore. Pretty good.

The humidity of Singapore is similar to Chennai one. However, the difference is, there will be sudden rain often for a whole year, and again sunny (during day) and one can’t predict the climate in Singapore. Whereas Chennai is hot, hotter and hottest. The houses and its facilities in Singapore made to comfort on this climate. One can find tallest building, greenery, busy people, neat and clean atmosphere wherever you go in Singapore. The inner road made such a way that one shall not drive more than 30-40kms speed. Highway rules are a different one. Singapore Government helps the citizens for their future, and individual abide by it and helps Singapore Government for country’s future.

The other day, I was walking on the Orchard road in the evening with one of my Singapore’s friend; I was hungry in the early evening due to roaming in Singapore immediately post lunch with less relaxes. I saw some of the road side stalls where each stalls operating by few women / girls to offer their customer with Singaporean delicious food. I was hesitant to have them since I was unaware the taste of it and only know that those food is hygienic and less spicy compare to Indian food. My Singapore friend told me to try it, so I selected chicken drumstick safely from the menu given and he selected a different one. 

The stall woman gave me two Chicken drumsticks (in red color) and they were shining like a tomato pastes on them. I took a bite and realize that crunchy, very light spicy, crispy, sweet, softy, tasty and really yummy. I finished them within few minutes and placed the order for one more time to continue the same. She showed her face smiley. I again started to bite the chicken drumstick and tasted the delicious, lip-smacking, forgetting around and moving the haven of food. She asked me with happiness, how is Chicken la? I understand and replied her, yeah; it is very nice and tasty. She smiled and asked for ‘my happiness’. Yes, she understood English very well.

My friend ordered one more different dishes with Noodle type and I ordered nothing more than enjoying the same dishes again to fill my tummy. She also gave me a plate of free Singapore Chicken drumstick at the end and said she is really happy on our (customer) feedback, chat and enjoying their stall food. We were of course happy too on her polite service, interested on feedback, happiness and quality food with reasonable price. I can remember her face and served still, and hoping to reach Singapore again to see people like her, many.

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However, no one in the world will exactly tell the secret of recipe though they may tell the list of ingredients’ name and how to cook them. I enjoyed Singapore and their different foods during my stay. If you would like to enjoy Singaporean food in real then you may check at

This article is written for IndiBlogger in association with Far East Hospitality.

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