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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Forest Jump - Adventure 1

We used to enjoy holidays or weekends by going some trip to nearby places, just to enjoy the beauty of the nature and greenery dense atmosphere in unique location or sometime we used to go out just for swimming in the nearest resort. One of the trips was just nearby forest area which is around 80kms from our location. Started to leave Bangalore in the early morning and reached within two hours to the spot, before entering the forest route, we had enough breakfast, packed some soft drinks and food stuffs. On the way we took some snaps as usual and had fun riding cars without disturbing to anyone.

The gate at the both the sides of the forest remain open till 6 in the evening from early morning, so we had to reach and come out within this time or else both the sides gates are going to be closed, and there will be many questions on coming out from the way of forest area. Those days no camera over there but one can find the warning notice board fixed on the tree stating ‘you can’t see animal but it is looking at you’. Sometime we afraid on seeing this board though most of the time we ignore it due to overconfidence on calm atmosphere. No one knows what will happen in next few second in such place.

We were able to see baby elephant on the way where we stopped our car with the distance of 50 meters away to take some snap, we also observed that its mother was standing just 75 meters away. We just able to take few snap from inside the car but after few second, the mother elephant suddenly came toward us such a fast to jump on us that we didn’t have time to move car quickly. However, we were lucky that we all were inside the car, the engine was running and my cousin was an expert in driving car also specialized on reversing the car too.

He did the good job on-time by dragging car as reverse for about 200 meters and able to take U turn very quickly to move even faster. The way he reversed the car looks like going around 60-80kms fast at backside and mother elephant was approaching us even faster to jump on us. Oh God, luckily vehicle was on good condition, friends all were inside without going here and there and then the car U turn was perfectly alright on a better road. 

The next moment is to speed up the car to the way we came in. Yes, the elephant was coming behind our car till some meters ahead. Thank God, the forest jump was so much horrible in just few seconds and we were however safer with no life threat and damages. We were shivering for a while and no talks for few minutes till we reach another location where something different adventure things to happen on the way.

You can read the next adventure in next post. Till then good bye and take care, especially if you travel to any forest / jungle.

This article is a part of own adventure and not for any contest.


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