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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life without Google - I wouldn’t have known Search Engine pros and cons

My life without Google as follows;

wouldn't have known what Search Engine can make the differences in the world.

wouldn't have known Google can help me to reach the exact webpage / content that I am looking for

wouldn't have known writers can help to get the detail what we wanted it from online source

I wouldn't have known many families would run just because of Google / Search Engine Company

wouldn't have known Google or the Search Engine Company let other’s to work from home

wouldn't have known Search Engine Company can grow such a vast like Google

wouldn't have known what SEO without Google / Search Engine Company is

wouldn't have known what SPAM without Google or search engine

wouldn't have known what plagiarism is without Google

wouldn't have known what DMCA is without Google or search engine

wouldn't have known Search Engine Algorithm without Google

wouldn't have known ‘Content is King’ without Search Engine Company Google

wouldn't have known what Google search engine update is

wouldn't have known how to earn online without Google

wouldn't have known what Adsense without Google is

wouldn't have known how to apply and get Adsense account is

wouldn't have known how to receive the Adsense cheque and encash from bank is

wouldn't have known how to upgrade for EFT / Wire Transfer to receive the Adsense payment via bank is

wouldn't have used IFSC / SWIFT code of Bank without Google

wouldn't have known what are the online ads that can help Advertisers, Publishers, Visitors to connect each other using Google search engine

wouldn't have known what blogging without Google is

My online dream would have vanished without Google.

wouldn't have known that search engine company can revolutionized in the technology world by creating OS like Android and device like Nexus.

There are so many as such on this topic. This is my life without Google.

This article is written for IndiSpire from IndiBlogger.


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