Monday, May 25, 2015

Behavior of Soil and Human

The natural character of Soil is potential, if human tries to work softly with soil then soil will naturally help human to make a garden, agriculture, and all sort of benefits to human in the form of fruits, vegetable, rice, wheat, finding water, iron, and petrol and so on.

If human doesn't work or maintain the same soil continuously then the same garden or agriculture land can turn into wild by losing the potential first, then it will automatically create even wilder by producing useless plant, thorn, unnecessary barb products besides dwelling for Snakes, Scorpions, and insects and so on.

Human doesn't need to work for this wild act from soil but when human stop working with soil for making garden or agriculture is more than enough to put it into that worse condition. So, one has to work to make a garden or benefit, and on the other hand, work or effort is not necessary to make the same garden as wild.

Thus, the same character for human too who born from the same soil. If he/she works in a right way then he/she can turn himself/herself to fruitful life and make a garden or even heaven around on the earth itself. If they don’t work for it then it will automatically bring them at a lower level or wild or even hell on the earth. Discipline makes man or human perfect.

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