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Friday, June 19, 2015

Forest Jump – Adventure 2

After recent incident in the Forest with the Elephant against us like a Dinosaurs vs Car riding in Jurassic Park movie’s first scene, we were driving car back smoothly without any issue and the panic still remain the same except for one of our friend who was enjoying sleeping in the car without knowing any latest updates. Except him, everybody was thinking about the reality and something could happen suddenly at any time in such atmosphere whether we may or may not under control to face them. Though we would have faced little risk earlier in our normal life but this incident seems higher than previous one when we currently compared it and we have not compared it yet about upcoming risk as such.

We actually planned to stay whole day and night over there in the forest but seems like we gave up or we are about to cancel the night stay plan for a while. We actually forgot to take the high voltage lights to show the animal in case if they are about to attack us which tactically uses by forest people or guide in the dark atmosphere. While we reached around 5 kms back then everyone got some confidence and asking themselves that why should we return immediately as we just came in here at the boundary? Oh, again everyone got some guts to face the same risk or pass the risk or at least pass that place to move forward than returning home cowardly and awkwardly.

So, we were planning on how to cross the Elephant herds at the moment to go back to the same place without returning home and find some more adventures in the afternoon. We finally decided to follow or run behind some big truck or passenger bus to pass that area to escape from Elephant herds or see its act against these big vehicles and us. As per planning, we were waiting for a while and there was a passenger’s safe bus came which used to cross that place to reach another state destination. 

We then smartly followed behind that vehicle and found calm and smooth situation particularly at that area which we just faced trouble and no issue at all except very few elephants far from the forest road. Hmmm, we satisfied ourselves on this and move forward for a big risk if any. The location was awesome, greenery, pollution free, natural smells, very calm, peace of mind except some unavoidable panic for us. However, do you know that the animals are King in their territory? Yes. Rare human can handle Kings.

After couple of kilometers, we stopped to follow that bus and enjoy on the way by taking some snaps and snacks beside cool drive. Everything was enjoyable and going smoothly by waiting to see some adventures over there but nothing working seems for us at the moment except time passing by snacks, snaps and relax. 

The different birds were signaling each other as we are there. Some sounds of animals are coming from far and tallest trees are looking for us and blessing by throwing some leaves and air on us. What a beauty and fanciful experience. It’s a time to move ahead, I drove that car slowly to enjoy the localities and looks like amazing move ahead. 

We just passed around ten kilometers with fun filled round. I and a friend who was sitting next to my seat observed from far that a big crocodile is slowly moving and crossing the road. We argued on that since it won’t be a crocodile unless we go and see close to it or there is no chance of crocodile over here since there is no river or pond or water facility around to live and run crocodile’s normal life. 

We were luckily able to reach its near on-time and found that it was not a crocodile but heavy and large Mongoose (Snake fighter) with that much big size. Oh God. What else than taking some snaps of it quickly and move forward where we have to see some more adventures like this early in the evening. Luckily this Mongoose doesn’t jump on us but gone inside the bush.

Stay tuned, I will share more adventure story with you soon. Till then good bye.


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