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Monday, June 8, 2015

My Nose Knows Sniffing for shower

Few years back I had read one of the best articles in one of the local magazine. It is nothing but a person loves his grandson (his daughter’s son) just because of this child’s most of the characters are as same as him. He meant to say is that this child is replica of this old man by physical and behavior. Both love each other and important one is when this old man remember about his grandson character toward showering once in a few month as same as him. The old man got this habit just because of he was working in a forest for Tobacco company and hard to reach for water or well etc. to get water and shower as usual, and they can store water for just consumption. Transport and other facility is hard for them at that location.

This old man used to arrive to his native place once in a year and unable to shower regularly in the forest or hard to shower once in a month. This was very tough for him when he joined the duty and unable to give up the job due to poor family and unemployment situation. He hardly started to continue his job without showering for few days or weeks then tried to find remote location to get some water for shower. He tried twice to reach far location to bring one can of water but he gave up soon due to uncomfortable, insecure and losing energy for it.

However, the accommodation was comfortable with just two cans of water for consumption and if he tried it for shower then he has to die with thirsty. He has to select one of the options, either shower or drink the water for whole week till next week company reps would come and help him to bring the water from remote village. Now, this old man chosen second option to live forever than becoming freshened regularly with thirsty life, so he started to give up for shower hardly. This become habit for this old man and continued to fight for the battle and life in the forest for a long by just doing his job and time to time remembering his family.

Ok, he used to receive letter from his family once in a while and the money / salary used to send to his family by his company fellow who was working in a far village. He reached his native after a year and found that he got freedom in his native from the forest. He also realized that the best pollution less and natural place is forest than his own village. He happily lived with family by telling his story in the forest. Also, he continued to serve for some more years in the same forest and the time being he managed to save money for his daughter’s marriage and soon after a year he got news of his grandson born. The days gone as such and he came to native on his leave again and realized that his grandson is allergy with shower and used to take bath once in a three or six months.

Just imagine the situation in case if it occurs to us! I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.


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