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Monday, July 6, 2015

Reality - Part-1

A person was going to Chennai from Bangalore and got his seat in one of the public travel bus wherein that bus seats were slowly filling up. He had to go to Chennai just to meet his friend who helped him countless occasions; this was his main purpose to travel. He found another person was already sitting in the window seat and this guy happy to get the seat next to him and that too without any reservation, he also felt comfortable after reaching and catching the bus and its process along with little tiredness. 

So, after few minutes, this guy enquired the next sitting person as where is he going to know the purpose of travel? He replied seriously, 'no idea'. He was shocked, confirmed that not something wrong but whole thing wrong with this guy and immediately went to find another empty seat to accommodate himself safely.

This time, he found another person who was already sitting and looking at the window for outside world. He felt comfortable on getting seat beside him and finding that person’s personality with common behavior. He then asked him the same question after saying ‘hi’, where he is going to know the purpose or destination on the way before Chennai if any? He replied, going to Chennai. Oh, he took extra breath and felt that this person is far better to continue to talk while travelling till his destination.

He then asked him what is the purpose of going to Chennai, like native place, business trip, holiday, marriage or good or bad news etc. He seriously replied 'no purpose' to go to Chennai but just going. He was shocked, confirmed about something wrong and he is worst than the first person and his reply. He planned to move and find another empty seat to accommodate himself with ‘normal’ behavior person for safety purpose and journey.

However, this is typical. This is the case going on for few in today’s world for overall Life’s travelling. Nobody exactly knows where they have came from and where they are going. One says ‘no idea’ after in exact place and another says ‘no purpose’ to go but just going etc. There should be some purpose to come and reach the desired place, and if not, the case may be worst forthcoming for them.

I will elaborate on this in my next continuing post for the same title subject and part. By the way, this post is not intended to attack directly or indirectly to anyone but letting know the situation. This is not written for any contest too.

Time being, good bye. Your comments are most welcome.


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