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Thursday, August 13, 2015

How did you became Mental? You are Perfectly alright!

A Mental person was just entered in the mental hospital taken care by his family members but Doctor observed that he is better than all other mental who are under check ups at the moment, this guy looks everything normal and good without any mental behavior.

When his turn came for check up and consultation then the same Doctor asked him as below;
Doctor: You looks perfectly alright just by my observation and experience, so, what is the reason you are here?

Patient: Yes Doctor, I don’t have any mental disorder but these people brought me here due to the past incident, comments from others and my family story itself is like that. Moreover whenever I says this one to anyone then they said you are mental or don’t make me mental etc.

Doctor: What is the past incident or comments or family story?

Patient: It is actually nothing but when I was young then I married a widow (it was my wish) who was elder than me and unfortunately she had a daughter age about 16 (unmarried), which doesn’t matter for me to consider her as my daughter.

Doctor: then?

Patient: After couple of years of my marriage, my (wife’s) daughter attracted by my father and he proposed to marry her, then the situation was like that we had to agree for their marriage. I am already a son for my father but after their marriage, I became father in law for my father and he is my son in law too. Here, my wife become mother in law for my father who is actually a daughter in law for him.

My (wife’s) daughter become mother for me now who is actually my daughter (in one way). After a year of their marriage, she delivered a baby boy. Now, I became brother for this baby and on the other hand I became Grand father too. The same story for my wife, she now became Grand mother for this child and on the other hand he becomes Grand son as well who is actually one way her hubby’s brother. Now, I got a kid after them, my kid become grand son for my father, who is brother of my mother (present) and brother in law for my father too. My mother (widow’s daughter and father's wife) who is now sister for my kid and grand ma too…on the other hand…he was actually…

Doctor: Ok, stop this for God’s sake, it is enough. I will become mental otherwise!

Patient: This is what everybody says Doctor!


  1. Anyone can get mentally mental with such relationships. Are you ok now dude. Nice satire.

    1. I am always right and just thinking about that character guy (if it is in real). Thanks for your valuable visit and comment Brio.


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