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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Forest Jump – Adventure 3

Due to busy schedules these days, I was unable to write on time about the continuous of the Forest Jump part which I was trying to write few sentences and paragraphs one by one since few weeks to complete this part. One of the reason I used to write this topic is to share the adventure story and I am already getting more hits from the visitors for the earlier part posts thus understands the readers' interest on this topic. Thanks to all. Here you go.

This is reference to our forest trip (Forest Jump - Adventure 2) in the past, we were enjoying the car driving in the mid-forest after seeing a big mongoose recently and other earlier incident with elephant. After few kilometers, we again got down from the car for a while in the deep forest taking unnecessary risk and seeing some natural sources beside enjoying the natural air, sounds and blessings. This was actually a risk matter if Forest guard would have seen us either to warn or penalty etc. beside any animal’s attack on us. Luckily, we were alone without any disturbance of human and animal than enjoying the natural atmosphere. There were no cameras fixed on this location as well which we heard about it to fix the camera by the authority sooner or later. The evening was about to come passing afternoon but mild sunshine was there and chilly atmosphere let us enjoy even more in that location. Every minute was thrilled and enjoyed over there.

It was interesting to hear quail sound, some unique sound from birds, small fruits and flowers laid down on the path, trees conversation and natural air freshness etc. our recent feeling of panic reduced a bit and increased stamina and guts. We had an idea that animal could be watching us from any angle and we could be under problem if any attack happens. The cautious was there but we were ready for some adventures too like do or die situation without any fear. Anyhow, we kept our car doors opened and engine was running for safety measure beside each holding a long stick as weapon. After more than ten minutes stay over there, we had to move forward to see and enjoy the mid-forest’s different location. So, I had to drive again slowly to experience the forest path and nature sign for all.

This time, the one who was sleeping in the car while elephant was about to attack us, woke up, freshen and heard the recent elephant incident. He came out from recent travel tiredness and he was also ready to face the new challenges if any. He asked us again and again about the recent elephant incident like he just woke up from a dream. After came to know the reality of the incident which he was unaware of it though his stays with us at that time, he started to think and started to smoke the cigarette. He was one of the comedian in our group and recently married too. He didn’t say a single word for few minutes but we could able to understand his mind like a mind reader.

After couple of kilometers drive, my friend who was sitting next to me suddenly shown me a sign to stop or go slow since he observed something strange at his left side which I was not looking at it. He told me to stop after few meters distance and he shown us that a large snake was moving. The snake was actually moving slowly just before reaching it but when we approached it then the large snake moved little faster than before and had to see it incompletely since it was using under-plant way too beside open ground. This time we jumped on it to take some snaps or videos or even risk. However, we counted it as one of the adventure sight and part, luckily. 

I have also heard that many spend days and nights in the mid-forest to take few snaps or videos which worth watching ten minutes or less than that. But, here, we got few opportunities within a day itself that too within few hours and night not came yet. However, we were not able to cover or take photos or videos for all those stuff except few.

Stay tuned, I will update the next part of adventures or Forest Jump – Adventure 4 with more info that happened on the same day, evening and at night time in the same forest. Forest Jump part to be continued…


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