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Thursday, January 14, 2016

I missed her to pay enough money - worried

I recently went to a shopping mall to get some stuff on the way to a different local destination. It was around 11am. While walking toward the shopping premises after parking the vehicle, I saw an old woman who was asking money as needy, the one who sees her definitely would pay at least few bucks. I did the same in a hurry manner and entered the shopping mall. I was searching for the stuff that I needed but unable to get the exact item that I was looking for.

However, my heart and mind was in a different thought like something disturbing me often asking myself to recall the recent one despite I was in a high class shopping mall with mild musical background and chilled surrounding. I could recall the concern immediately, what and how? I realized it immediately and thinking about it in the shopping center itself. It is nothing but all about that an old woman who was just asking money from the passerby. Why I needed to think of her though there are many needy around or poor or beggars around who asks money as usual. Why don’t I think about those others?

She was special to me on that day, or even for few days. It is just because of she is not a professional beggar nor she was a poor (as per her looks, wearing good dresses), an old, thin (without having normal food for the past few days), weak, continuing weeps / tears (if I recall it then I may tear), ill feels, suffering from cold, weather also cold, unable to stand and on. These are the things that I observed and understood in a few second of glance toward her. This is the only thing that really disturbed me beside remembering the very minimal amount that I gave her and immediately she grabbed it like a big amount.

I am sure that, she would have suffered something recently in her routine life to come to that stage. It could be his son got her signature on home or property paper after her husband passed away and thrown from his words out. It could be a daughter in law’s domestic politics would have played as an important role. It could be a son in law’s tense on a property / money case. It could be her husband (if live) would have done something strange behavior. It could be any local political person would have cheated her on a property matter in case no dependent, and on. There could be any reason but I was not in a possession to ask this question at that time to know the fact. God and she only knows about it. But, I am sure that she was not a professional beggar nor poor. She was from a good family that one I can recognize well. She is the real needy at that moment or so.

Since her current status disturbed me a lot while I was in the shopping mall that too within few seconds or few minutes. I planned to give her some more money at least for a full break fast amount for the day, while going back to get the vehicle. I came out from the shopping mall and reached the same place where I saw her but unfortunately she was not there. I searched her around to give money or at least get some biscuit and tea from nearby place to give her but she was not around. This is one of the crowded area thus unable to move to search her everywhere but tried as much as I can and it was unfortunate that she was not around that too max 15 minutes gap of her first seen. I can only understand that very few people would have given some more money within that time and went for a break fast nearby or got a bus to go to a different location or search.

I remember it quite often, worried, little tensed (remembering her weeps) and forgot then again remember it. I think such incident is happening around sometime for some good status old man or old woman or any other innocent. This shall not happen to anyone specially well to do family people, regardless of any religion or caste or color etc. It is even applies to the one who is normal beggars. Human put pressure to other innocent human on such situation which really disturbs a lot.

I missed her to pay enough money on time – worried.


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