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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Life and its Impact naturally

I recently heard somewhere about the life and its impact of human vs animals, their few differences and comparison. I try to recall and put them over here in a simple way or let’s say in a layman language. Almost everyone has a life and its impact differently. Each its own. But the nature plays very important role, so, one can’t easily appreciate or depreciate each other (human vs animal) since all of them are creations in one or other way, naturally.

Human born, as a child, baby cry when entering into this world. The baby doesn’t know the sense-wise, why is he crying, what makes him pain to cry other than as elder feels that baby is hungry and need to feed. The cry is nothing but the signal of ‘live’ baby arrived on the earth. The secondary is that the baby is little hungry then need to feed and comfort for sleeping. If the baby doesn’t cry when he / she born and come to the earth, then it means something wrong or the baby is died. This is the case of human.

How about animal and its impact? It looks like they are more natural in this process. No assistance required while animal delivers’ baby. Yes, no other animal’s assistance required for labor or deliver the baby. The next one is, its baby never cry when born except moving one place to the other location as an active one. This is the signal and few differences between human’s baby and animal’s baby. 

The other one is, human baby doesn’t know the dangerous ahead if any. For example, if an ant or lizard or a cockroach nearing the baby then he / she doesn’t know nor see it to take any safety measure or at least a sign to the elders. It has to be taken care by mother or other elders who are nearby this gentle kids. The human baby will learn such dangerous and its safety measure after many years.

The case is different with animal baby. For example, if a baby chick just came out from the shell and saw the cat in front of it then it will definitely see, realize the danger, shout and run as much as it has an energy to survive. That too it is just born, whereas human baby even can’t realize what is in front of him / her nor can try to move or take any single action if any danger ahead as such.

So, the animal naturally have the knowledge or learned and born. It is even applies for just born a baby fish which can swim without training given by its parents or surrounded one. By considering this, animals naturally learned then born or learned and born behavior whereas human born then learn that too at a later stage despite having sixth sense.

Life and its impact between these (human vs animal) two are really amazing, naturally.

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