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Friday, May 6, 2016

Who is blogger?

You may have question in your mind, like, what is blog? Who is blogger? How to blog? How to become a blogger? What are the advantages of becoming blogger? And all sort of such question if you are just new to online or this word. Here you go for its answer in detail.

Blogger is generally a writer who shares knowledge on their personal or sharing blog. There are different types of bloggers exists. Few of them are professional bloggers and some of them are part-time bloggers. Few bloggers just write and share their personal info with others (when they get the time to do so) and few bloggers blog for a particular niche (it might be social one or commercial one). Some bloggers are there who entirely covers wide ranges of topic / niche at different level of blogs for commercial purpose.

Blogger is nothing but a writer who supposed to analyze both the sides of the particular subject matter first before he / she draft and publish on his / her blog to share with others. This is the only thing can benefit all including visitors. If the blogger doesn’t do it or follow either side’s information then his / her reputation will be in loss and blog too.

It is not guaranteed that media covers almost entire topic running on the earth to show the visitors. One is sure that they (media) covers just selected or few percentage topics only to broadcast, in that, almost many are aware that those are based on the certain topic and criteria – the matter differs too. Some of them are twisted too for a political reason, some may be correct and some might not correct info than just broadcasting etc.

Here bloggers’ play very important role against media. Yes, bloggers (not all) try to search in-depth knowledge on the particular subject before try to draft and publish about it. This is complete individual effort to analyze the matter. The blogger even try to response or comment on wrong info online if any. Yes, there are some bloggers who just follow the media news or other similar source and publish without analyzing well too. This is just like normal known news in blogger’s style and at the same time the blog post value will diminish one or other day due to incorrect detail furnished and its result will come forth for sure.

The bloggers have power to write truth with justice in case if they are really would like to be dared, well researched, analyzed on a particular subject matter, or else, one side info writing habit will discourage to write and discontinue their profession on one or other day for themselves.

(This article will be updated soon, stay tuned).


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