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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mission Impossible – udd udd odor odor odor

Odour ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi naa mumkin bhi hai, this well known filmy dialogue is from famous Bollywood movie ‘Don’ though the title is of Hollywood movie seems mixed for this topic to write on ‘battle households odors daily smelly to smiley’. 
Odors can naturally occur for various reasons from various sources on different season. How to handle it to eliminate it completely from home or at lease battle against it? To do this, we have to find out the root cause of the issue first and take the steps accordingly. Now, we will go to see Don (Amitabh) vs Ethan (Tom Cruise) on this project. The odor at home may come from the following reason which hardly researched, investigated and found by Ethan in his MI (Mission Impossible) project.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NIVEA Men Body Deodorizer for SniffSniff from BA

There was a contest from BlogAdda for Men Bloggers in selected city viz. Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. As per BA's instruction, they would courier couple of packages for shortlisted men bloggers and need to guess every-time and tweet / FB message immediately. We followed accordingly and for more detail read the detail as below.

First parcel received from BlogAdda and #SniffSniff was mystery ‘Clip’ or Clothe Lip that helped me to learn how to avoid odour by signaling indirectly to others. Simple idea with no expenses. This clip also helped me to use for drying clothes after wash.

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