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Sunday, April 10, 2016

God created Human as vertical for...

As per source, there are eighteen thousands creations around from God which human cant’ easily think and count about them except believing and accepting his / her few seen creations like, Sun, Sky, Human, Animals, Stars, Thunder, Rain, Wind, Hills, Soil, Cloud, Sea, different Reptiles, Trees, Fruits, Vegetables, different spices, different species, and on.

If you see all of those creations then you would agree that they are created by God with the horizontal movement for everything, whereas, human created by God with the vertical movement. The all horizontal creations created by God for human’s adherence whereas human created by God as vertical for God’s adherence (this info may be funny or silly for some but it is truth).

Now, those horizontal creations serve the purpose of God adherence but the missing one is just from vertical creation. Who’s that? None other than human who proudly says himself / herself as possessing sixth sense whereas he / she learn everything after born, on the other hand, who has less than that sense (e.g.) animal learned by birth, how? Animal knows to get up and stand immediately once born, identify its enemy (if any) and run if needed. Or, born, stand, find its mother, reach near to feed self whereas human baby won’t even take a step toward mother.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Chennai weather and nature play its role. Rain rain go away

The first Weather report is normally given after something happened for the day. The weather can’t be normally predicted in advance though there are many safety measures taken for this including various technologies and updates are around in hand. The natural calamity or various disasters are beyond human’s control, effort, thought and reach. In general, weather report won’t give on-time or prior to concern incident happening to take safety measure. However, once something already happened like torrential rain started or earthquake already happened or Tsunami arrived or sandstorm happened or volcano happened and so on incident happened then the next prediction roughly be notified by the concern authority whether most of the times that doesn’t happened or very few times happened a said for the upcoming one, as co-incident. It may be funny too for some.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Behavior of Soil and Human

The natural character of Soil is potential, if human tries to work softly with soil then soil will naturally help human to make a garden, agriculture, and all sort of benefits to human in the form of fruits, vegetable, rice, wheat, finding water, iron, and petrol and so on.

If human doesn't work or maintain the same soil continuously then the same garden or agriculture land can turn into wild by losing the potential first, then it will automatically create even wilder by producing useless plant, thorn, unnecessary barb products besides dwelling for Snakes, Scorpions, and insects and so on.


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