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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Few points to remember upon Blogging or Writing

As title says, few points to remember on blogging and this could help your blog to look beautiful and simply get the best in search result, like organic traffic.

What are the few points to remember upon blogging?

Before going through this, I would like to ask Blogger a simple question, yes, how do you search the required webpage or information online? 
Any other way than search engine
Are you using search engine tool to get it done? 
Are you using few required keywords input to get the result what you are looking for? 
If so, how do you search and get the result? 
Is resulted satisfied you? 
Are resulted top 10 to 20 websites given enough or required information to you? 
What you saw the changes in between? 
What are the things you found on a webpage that satisfied your search.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blogging for Dummies - How to become a blogger

What is blogging? No idea? Yes. Even most of the professional bloggers also till date have no idea 'what is blog or blogging' except they may say it is a writing and posting on online source or on their blog. So, no question about expecting its right answer from non-professional bloggers or new bloggers or even future bloggers about what is blog and how to become a blogger?.

We will first go on this topic called blogging or blog and then will go to main fun on the ‘blog’. The ‘blog’ word came from weblog which is an online source or tool called world wide web (in short www). The story and history of the ‘blog’ specially goes since few decades but blog popularly known after 2005 or more popular since 2009. The one who uses blog tools for scribe called a blogger.

Becoming a blogger is very easy. Anybody can become a blogger as long as they know how to scribe as they wish on free or paid blog or WP etc…or at least decent writing as they like whether others agree it or not – doesn’t matter on this since you may get time to time advice from others on writing skills. For bloggers' or future bloggers’ encouragement, you may find the below detail to become well known blogger, just tips for becoming blogger without any hesitation. Follow them and be bold to scribe sorry blog about anything you like.

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